Cameron Reader

Instrument   Soprano
Member Since
 I first joined Shrewton band in 2011, at the age of 11
Early Years

 I started in the training band a year earlier. Before this, I had never played in a band. Although I wasn’t keen to join at first, my dad (first trombone, Mike Reader) took me along to listen and the sound was overwhelming. Being a 10 year old boy, I just had to make a loud noise like that.

I was very excited to play with “the grown-up band”, as it was known to me then, and I immediately enjoyed the new atmosphere. I particularly liked the risqué jokes made during some of our more lively rehearsals –and still do!I started off on 3rd cornet and slowly worked my way to last man on 1st cornet





Favourite Music
Favourite music is mostly classical (all my friends love it too… NOT!) but I do like current chart music, as well. My favourite piece would be Ashokan Farewell, but the band’s version of Happy Birthday has to be up there too!
Other Stuff…
I love sport. I’ve played for Devizes Town F.C since I was 7 and I am currently captain of the U14 team. I don’t only play footy, I also play anything and everything that springs up at school. I love cycling and go out whenever I can. Now I am getting into sailing.

My favourite colour is luminous green, but anything luminous catches my eye, hence my sense of fashion!

Oh, and I have an energetic, over-loving, and crazy black Labrador called Pepsi!