The Band is totally amateur, and yet manages to be self-supporting, thanks to the generosity of the villagers and other supporters who give moral support to the Band at these engagements and contests. Another source is the “Century Club” in which all adult members of the Band and interested villagers and supporters are encouraged to join. Additionally all players pay an annual subscription that is decided at the Annual General Meeting and finally, fees from engagements of all types complete the fund raising as the means for maintaining instruments, uniforms, music, hire of practice room, insurance and other essentials.

Shrewton Band offers a wide range of options for your special events:   

  • Concerts
  • Quintet
  • Weddings/Special Celebrations
  • Summer Shows/Country Fayres
  • Christmas Concerts
  • Marches
  • Military Functions/Mess Dinners
  • Charity Events

IMG_4347From a full concert band or marching band down to a smaller ensemble or quintet, we can provide an entertaining selection of music from the following:




  • Traditional Brass Band Music and Marches
  • A wide classical repertoire
  • Light Fete Music
  • A wide selection of Film and Musical scores
  • Other modern music