David Pearce

Instrument   Tenor Horn
Member Since
Early Years
 Started playing in 1984, aged 5; my father provided me with a cornet and lessons. When this became too frustrating for him, I was enrolled for lessons with the Essex Music Service. I played with the Harlow Concert Band, a band that my father still conducts. I discovered the “delights” of brass banding a little later, aged 14. Coincidentally, I also discovered alcohol around the same time.
Previous Bands
1990-1997 – Harlow Concert Band http://www.harlowconcertband.co.uk/

1993-1997 – Harlow Brass Band http://www.harlowbrassband.co.uk/

1997-2004 – Manchester University Wind Orchestra http://mumusicsociety.co.uk/WindOrchestra

1997-2004 – Sale Brass Band http://www.salebrass.co.uk/

1999-2004 – Cameo appearances for Eccles Borough Band when they were really desperate at contest time http://www.ecclesboroughband.org/

2004 – 2006 – Austin Civic Wind Ensemble http://www.acwe.org/

2004-2006 – Austin Brass Band http://www.austinbrassband.com/

2006-2008 – Downton Band http://www.downtonband.org.uk/

2008-2009 – Gillingham Imperial Silver Band http://www.gisb.co.uk/

2009 – present – Shrewton Silver Band

2009 – present – Salisbury Concert Band http://www.salisburyconcertband.co.uk/

Favourite Music
 Absolutely anything really… just not Paul Lovatt-Cooper.
Other Stuff…
  • I am the Assay Development Manager for a local biotech company, developing rapid tests for the detection of infectious diseases.
  • I brew my own beer and cider and I am quite proud of the fact that Andy Mitchenall is expressly forbidden to drink my cider after a series of regrettable events.
  • I have a hamster called Fritz.
  • I am quite partial to a good sausage.
  • I am convinced that Jenny Chambers is still sabotaging the 1st horn folder.