Neil Busby


Instrument   Euphonium
Member Since
 Member since April/May 2000
Early Years
I started playing at 13 years old, My granddad was a brass player and I got the bug from him. I had lessons at school while playing in the school orchestra and also had private lessons that took me to pass my Grade 8 at 17. 
Previous Bands
I joined Test Valley Brass (TVB) at the age of 23, although they did not have any spaces on brass so as a keen kit player I played percussion for them, this was for about 5 years or so. I really wanted to get back playing but the Euphonium spaces were taken, there was a vacancy on Bb Bass so I took it and had great fun playing Bb Bass for them, again for about 5 years. During these 10 years TVB went from 4th section to Championship winning several regional and final competitions along the way. Politics got in the way and the band went through hard times and lost a lot of key players. This is when a 2nd Euph seat became available and I moved onto my favoured instrument at last! We stayed in the Championship section for a couple more years then slipped down the rankings once more.
Favourite Music
I don’t have a favourite music style, I like a good mix from classical to heavy metal. On the odd occasion I will even listen to a brass band cd! 
Other Stuff…
I run 2 businesses, Antique restoration / Cabinet making and an interior furnishings company. I have a pet dog and a rather large motorbike that get very little use these days.

Favourite  colour is Blue (my bike is blue!, my dog isn’t)

Highlights, Amazing concerts and winning national finals are high on the list but above all just playing in a band with a group of like minded people that work hard and achieve great sounds gives me pleasure all the time.