Thalia Reader


Instrument   Bb Cornet
Member Since
 I joined the training band in 2011 and eventually joined my Dad, brother and sister in the main band in 2014 when I was 11.


Early Years
 I started playing the cornet when I was 7 years old. During that year I also joined my brother and sister in the training band, where I picked up, and still am learning new things.
Thalia Reader
Favourite Music
 I like only the classical music I know, and I also love to have a sing along to all the new modern songs on the radio. My favourite group is Little Mix and my favourite solo artist is Meghan Trainor. I also like music from films.
Other Stuff…
 I love to play lots of different sport whether its hockey, netball, football, or tag rugby. My favourite food is duck rolls and sandwiches from shops! I also love animals, my favourite animal is my energetic black Labrador, Pepsi, and my two pet guinea pigs; Woody and Buzz. My favourite colour is purple, and so is my Mum’s!