Graham Wise


Instrument   Bb Cornet
Member Since
 Late 2012
Early Years
  I started playing cornet in my school marching band age 11, working sloooowly from 4th to 1st cornet and learning most of the standard marching repertoire along the way.  Why cornet? Because there was a spare one that needed a player. I never had the pleasure of proper lessons and my early musical experience was pretty one-dimensional, such was the way of things in the 1970s.  I joined the RN at 18 and spent many happy years playing in various volunteer bands, at sea and ashore, meeting many great musicians and RM band instructors along the way.  My cornet spent 5 years gathering dust in the attic until I was encouraged to join the Salisbury Concert Band 4 years ago where I was lucky enough to meet Mike Dunford and David Pearce who gradually encouraged me to get into brass banding.  And I’m loving it.
Previous Bands
 Between 1983 and 2007 I played with just about every volunteer band in the RN at some point, except Gibraltar and Culdrose.  2011 – today, Salisbury Concert Band.
Favourite Music
  I like exploring music even more than I like exploring real ales – bring it on!