Tim Dunford


Instrument   Bb Bass
Member Since
 First time 1994-2003, then 2006-present
Early Years
 Started playing in 1992 after watching Amesbury Town Band playing at Winterslow carnival, and thinking “I want to do that!!!”
Previous Bands
 Amesbury Town Band 1992-1998
 Shrewton Silver Band 1994-2003, 2006-present
 Test Valley Brass 2003-2004
 Otterbourne Brass 2004-2005
 Woodfalls Concert Brass 2005-2006
Favourite Music
My favorite pieces of music is probably hmm, tough one! Paganini Variations and Elsa’s Journey Into Freedom to play, and Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s Immortal and Peter Graham’s Harrisons Dream to listen to!
Other Stuff…
 This is what is said!!!!! “Tim ‘Pipes’ Dunford – The man with the golden pipes, we don’t know where he came from, and to be honest we don’t care… this dude can sing with the best of them…oh and when he’s not singing, he’s pleasing the ladies with his embouchure… ”